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The Story

Starla is aimless. Merry is lost. Riri can’t forget his past. And Giovanni left them all behind to chase success. These four friends have been trying, and failing, to navigate that liminal space of adulthood where after you’ve “found yourself,” you’re expected to know what you want. Except they don’t.

When Anni plans to return after five years away, the four are forced to confront their broken hearts, their disabilities, unexpected celebrity, and the all but forgotten dreams and ambitions they’ve each been running away from all this time.

Can they figure out how to put their pain behind them and face the future? They’ll have to re-learn how to love themselves and each other along the way.

Content Warning

Ukiyo contains subject matter that may be objectionable to some readers, including explicit/graphic sex, themes of heavy trauma, addiction, and self harm. 


Please be of legal age and read with discretion.


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Ukiyo is copyright © 2019 kai Starlight. No reproduction without permission.

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