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Starla is a hot mess stuck in a dead end. Merry’s marriage is a wreck. Riri can’t escape his own mind. All three of them will do whatever it takes to escape from their own everyday hell, even if pleasure turns back into pain in the end. So when Giovanni and his brothers move back to the City after five long years away, will it help or just make everything infinitely more chaotic? Seeing as Starla and Gio also used to date and is also one of Merry’s dearest friends, and he ghosted on them, the answer might be chaos. Lots and lots and lots of chaos.
Ukiyo is a story about people trying to figure out what to do with themselves even though society expects them to have already sorted that out by now (spoiler alert: life never works like that). What do you do with dreams that are dead before they’re even born? What do you do with experiences you can’t heal from? How do you reconcile who you used to be with who you’ve grown into? How do you tell expectation to go pound sand?

This comic is meant for more mature readers as there will be fairly heavy themes and explicit sex scenes.
C. Ellis is a freelance comicker/illustrator/cave troll that is sometimes summoned into being by their cats when they’re hungry (usually only when they’re hungry). Please feel free to call her ‘piggy’ if you want to (it’s easier). She loves pretty and sad things and is usually off drawing pretty and sad things. She/they pronouns, please. 🙂

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